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Why You Should Plan Your Next Meeting or Event in Half Moon Bay, CA

I know what you are thinking…Out of all of the destinations in the United States, why Half Moon Bay? What makes this city so special and perfect for a meeting or event? While I could ramble on and on to answer these questions, I’ve narrowed my list to four key points.

Visit Half Moon Bay

Quaint Getaway with Close Proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley

When staying in Half Moon Bay, you get the best of both worlds – the advantage of experiencing a small, coastal town while also having quick and easy access to other remarkable areas in Northern California. San Francisco sits 30 miles north of Half Moon Bay and Silicon Valley is just east, both of which are a short drive away. It’s the perfect way to experience California and get a taste of it all.

Hotels with Meeting and Event Space

The best part of using the meeting and event space in the hotel you are staying in is simple: CONVENIENCE. Your team or guests don’t have to worry about transportation to and from meetings and everything is just right there. You don’t even have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to! (Of course, we don’t suggest that because there’s so much to experience in Half Moon Bay)

Yes, I know there’s nothing new about hotels with event space, as they are in basically every city. So here’s just one, simple reason as to what puts these Half Moon Bay hotels above the rest – they aren’t your traditional, run of the mill hotels. Staying at these hotels is more of an experience than just a place to rest your head at night. For example, everyone can enjoy the extravagance of the Ritz-Carlton sitting atop a bluff with sweeping ocean views, multiple restaurants, fire pits, 2 golf courses on site, and much more! Also, the Seal Cove Inn and Mill Rose Inn are surrounded by gardens and mimic the sense of a bed and breakfast. In addition, the Half Moon Bay Lodge gives guests a cozy, cabin feel while the Oceano Hotel & Spa offers an escape with incredible Harbor views. And this is just a few of Half Moon Bay’s hotels with meeting space; the others have their own unique features also!

Half Moon Bay Hotels with Event Space

Teambuilding Opportunities

Solidarity amongst your team is key in the success of your business, which in turn has increased efforts in bonding as part of offsite meetings or company events. Half Moon Bay recognizes the need for inventive, fun outlets for teambuilding and has you covered!

With the Pacific Ocean and beaches lining the city, along with trails scattered throughout, group water activities, such as kayaking adventures, a game of beach volleyball, or horseback riding and hiking are easy activities to do as a group. There are also some teambuilding venues, which feature unique experiences worth checking out. One of which is Harley Farms where your team can tour the farm, meet the animals, learn about their processes and taste the products while enjoying expansive views. Another fun option is learning how to brew beer or taking a cooking class at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. One (or more) of these teambuilding opportunities is the perfect thing to complete your offsite meeting or special event.

Outdoor Activities

The pristine, coastside location and mild weather of Half Moon Bay provide numerous opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors year round! Watersports and beach activities are of course always popular for a beach town. You can enjoy everything from fishing and kayaking to surfing or simply reading a book on the beach. The Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail and redwood forests provide picturesque trails perfect for walking, running, biking, taking photos, and more! Additionally, there are 2 championship golf courses, which wrap around the Ritz-Carlton and sit on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, giving guests a memorable, yet challenging day of golf. These outdoor activities are the icing on the cake, providing outlets for every personality to enjoy Half Moon Bay and the Bay Area.

The decision is easy – choose Half Moon Bay for your next offsite meeting or event! Your team will love everything this beautiful city has to offer!